The Parkway Collection of Important African-American Art

The present group of important African-American works of art has been discriminately collected by Parkway Galleries L.T.D., a Midwestern-based group of people with a great passion and appreciation for this genre of American art.  Rich in complexity and diversity, we believe that this collection is a meaningful cross-section of masterworks, well representing the heritage and pride, as well as the trials and tribulations experienced by the African-American artist during the early to mid-20th century.  Many of these works were produced at the height of the artist’s critical period of recognition.
Parkway affiliates, with more than 70 years of combined experience in the field of modern American art, believe that living with, loving and investing in fine art associated with our own American heritage is a prudent and fulfilling decision.  We also believe that American art produced during the 20th Century, especially between the wars, with its magnitude of political, social, technical and creative complexities will, over time, be recognized as some of the most important art ever produced.

The Parkway Collection
of Important 20th Century
African-American Works of Art
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